Happy New Year for 2024 – IHEA Office Reopens 2 Jan

Happy New Year and welcome to 2024!

We trust that you and your families had - or are continuing to have - a restful break over the New Year holiday period.

The IHEA office re-opened today Tuesday 2 January 2024. The team have returned refreshed and ready to assist you.

Last year was busy one for IHEA as we led the charge on several issues relevant to independent higher education providers and Australia’s higher education sector. For example, we continued our involvement in the Universities Accord review of higher education process. As many with know, IHEA had earlier in 2022 campaigned for a national strategy for higher education reform. Hence, we took the opportunity through Accord process to emphasise the growing capacity of Australia’s world-class independent higher education sector and to promote highly beneficial sector reforms.

This year will be defined by the release of the Universities Accord Final Report, which has the potential to shape the direction of tertiary education policy settings for this government, and beyond.

In addition to the Accord process, you can be sure that in 2024 we will continue to engage with decision makers in government, representatives from across the political spectrum, and other higher education leaders in government departments.

IHEA’s evidence-based approach will guide our advocacy and support of members on key issues and sector reforms to ensure, as much as possible, a level playing field between public and independent higher education providers. That is why we will continue to host and invite guest speakers to our member networks this year and seek feedback from you for IHEA submissions and research and policy outputs.

There will be much to discuss as we progress into the year, and additional and unexpected issues will likely emerge, but the strength and collegiality of the IHEA membership will ensure we continue to overcome any challenges and make the most of opportunities that come our way.

We look forward to working with you to continue growing the respect and recognition of Australia’s independent higher education sector and supporting you to succeed.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact the IHEA team at any time if you need advice, support, or assistance or to give feedback or suggestions for future activities.

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