IHEA Benchmarking Report – External Moderation and Assessment Integrity

The Peer Review Portal has been working with Independent Higher Education Australia over several years to offer a benchmarking mechanism to IHEA members.

COVID-19 has greatly accelerated the demand growth trends for short course study and online course delivery in 2020, and all higher education providers have had to reexamine their institutional processes to ensure course quality and student engagement as they accomodate these shifts and facilitate continued course delivery through the crisis.

External moderation and integrity of assessment are key focus areas in the most recent IHEA benchmarking project. IHEA’s benchmarking project, undertaken with Peer Review Portal’s online platform, provides a model of how institutions can engage in best-practice sharing and enact processes for continuous improvement that is cost-effective and reflects modern methods. IHEA is working with Peer Review Portal to develop innovative ways to ensure academic integrity and conduct external moderation of courses. 

The project also highlights the ongoing utility of the new Undergraduate Certificate qualification in the post-COVID environment, and how ensuring academic integrity and good processes for external assessment moderation will ensure the enduring good reputation of this newly established qualification.

Read the full Report:

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