IHEA Meets Again with Education Minster Jason Clare

On Friday 30 September 2022, Independent Higher Education Australia (IHEA) representatives met in person with Hon Jason Clare, Minister for Education.

IHEA representatives in attendance were:

- Adjunct Professor Alan Finch (Chair IHEA Board of Directors)

- Professor Kevin Petrie (Vice Chancellor and President at Avondale University)

- Professor Kerri-Lee Krause (Provost and Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor at Avondale University and IHEA Board Member)

- Ken Richardson (Vice President Operations at Bond University and IHEA Board Member)

- Jerome Casteigt (Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager at Torrens University)

- Dr David Perry (Vice President Academic at Alphacrucis University College and IHEA Board Member)

- Professor James Adonopoulos (Academic Dean at Kaplan Business School and IHEA Board Member)

- Joseph Anthonysz (Chief Executive Officer, Careers and Industry Division at Navitas and IHEA Board Member)

- Bobby Abraham (Chief Admissions, Global Engagement and Partnerships at Excelsia College and IHEA Board Member)

- Eve Ollerenshaw (Pro Vice Chancellor at iCollege Ltd and IHEA Board Member)

- Ann Whitelock (Director Professional Scholarships Program at the International College of Management, Sydney – ICMS and IHEA Board Member)

- Dr Peter Hendy – IHEA Chief Executive Officer

- Dr Jerry Nockles – IHEA Membership and Government Relations Manager

At this meeting, IHEA representatives continued to engage with Minister Clare about Labor’s higher education priorities and the pertinent issues confronting Australia’s higher education sector. This followed a previous meeting with Minister Clare in August 2022.

Australia’s independent higher education sector educates domestic and international students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a range of disciplines providing equality of opportunity, diversity, and choice. IHEA members are high-quality independent providers committed to the best educational opportunities for students and best practice in higher education.

The 47th parliament can advance higher education in Australia by harnessing the growing capability of independent higher education.

In May this year, we released the 2022 IHEA Federal Election Platform, which sets out a series of beneficial sector reforms to re-energise Australian higher education, tackle skills shortages, and drive economic growth.

IHEA is working with Minister Clare and MPs and Senators from across the political spectrum to advance these – and other - important reforms for Australia’s higher education sector.

We thank Minister Clare for once again generously sharing his time and attention with IHEA.

We also thank the team at Torrens University, Sydney Campus, for hosting this meeting.

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