IHEA Meets with Education Minster Jason Clare

On Friday 19 August 2022, Independent Higher Education Australia (IHEA) representatives met with Education Minister Jason Clare.

IHEA representatives in attendance were:

- Dr Peter Hendy - CEO IHEA

- Alan Finch - Chair IHEA Board of Directors

- Gabriela Rodriguez - Deputy Chair IHEA Board (Deputy Managing Director and Group COO of Academies Australasia Group including Academies Australasia Polytechnic)

- Ann Whitelock - IHEA Board Member (Director Professional Scholarships Program at the International College of Management, Sydney - ICMS)

IHEA is engaging with Minister Clare and government to build on the success of Australia’s world class higher education sector.

Australia’s independent higher education sector educates approximately 170,000 domestic and international students, thus making a significant economic and social contribution to the education sector in Australia.

In May this year, we released the 2022 IHEA Federal Election Platform, which sets out a series of beneficial sector reforms to re-energise Australian higher education, tackle skills shortages, and drive economic growth. IHEA is working with Minister Clare and MPs and Senators from across the political spectrum to advance these important sector reforms.

The 47th parliament can advance higher education in Australia and drive the success of our national economy into the future by harnessing the growing capability of independent higher education.

We thank Minister Clare for generously sharing his time and attention with IHEA.

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