IHEA Position Paper on Student Visa Processing Issues Impacting Independent Higher Education Sector

Today, Independent Higher Education Australia (IHEA) releases a Position Paper on visa processing issues impacting Australia's independent higher education sector.

This Position Paper outlines patterns of concern regarding Student Visa processing that are affecting the operations of IHEA members.

The issues identified in this Position Paper were previously communicated to Federal Government Cabinet Ministers in a letter from IHEA CEO, Dr Peter Hendy dated 21 September 2022. This Paper supplements this letter and provides empirical evidence substantiating the concerns raised in that letter.

The intention of this Position Paper is to outline the concerns of independent providers to encourage further dialogue. This Paper also aims to put forward recommendations that contribute potential solutions for the rectification of concerns raised by providers.

The Position Paper uses identified areas of concern as themed headers and uses detailed case studies provided by IHEA members to clarify the nature of the concerns and impacts on prospective students and the independent higher education sector more broadly.

To assist in this activity, a working group was formed from the IHEA International Network Group consisting of:

• Eve Ollerenshaw – iCollege – IHEA International Network Convenor
• Bobby Abraham – Excelsia – IHEA International Network Convenor
• Marie Chittleborough - Equals
• Alan Manly – Group Colleges Australia
• Lee Kennedy – Davidson - Education Centre Australia
• Carlos Munoz - Group Colleges Australia
• Jon Chew - Navitas

For more information about this Position Paper, IHEA’s Visa Working Group, or to discuss visa processing issues, please contact IHEA Policy Director, Michelle Muchatuta at michelle.muchatuta@ihea.edu.au

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