IHEA submission positively reflected in Productivity Commission Report on the National Agreement for Skills and Workforce Development Review

The Productivity Commission has released its Final Report on the Review into the National Agreement for Skills and Workforce Development, requested by Government to evaluate the agreement’s success at meeting targets and find ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the VET system. The Commission’s findings and recommendations will guide VET policy moving forward.

Key findings for the sector include recognising the need for the expansion of the courses eligible for VSL, loan caps should better reflect course costs, governments need to work towards a more competitive and efficient VET market and contestability and transparency of public funding should be increased. The report also finds that student satisfaction and labour force outcomes are similar across providers types and so training at a TAFE does not necessarily produce better outcomes for students. 

IHEA provided a submission to the review and the Commission’s Interim Report on behalf of IHEA Members and made several key recommendations to improve the VET sector policy that would assist our Dual-Sector Members. The Commission’s findings and recommendations positively to the feedback that IHEA provided, as outlined in the comparison table available for download below. 

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