IHEA Unites to Support Ukrainian Students

Scholarships to be Offered to Ukrainian Students on Humanitarian Visas.

Independent Higher Education Australia (IHEA)'s membership is united in its heartfelt concern for Ukrainians currently facing unimaginable hardships and tragedy.

“Our hearts and minds are with Ukrainians as they face these unfathomable and tragic circumstances. We hope for a prompt resolution of the conflict and restoration of peace for Ukraine,” said IHEA CEO, Simon Finn.

“Australia has been so fortunate to welcome many Ukrainians over the years who have enriched our schools, higher education institutions, workplaces, and broader communities. Our thoughts are with the Australian Ukrainian community as this tragedy unfolds.

“With many Ukrainians now looking abroad for a secure future, IHEA members stand ready to support Ukrainian humanitarian visa entrants to Australia through the provision of education scholarships. Education will be critical to ensuring the future livelihoods of Ukrainians, and to assist in rebuilding their towns and cities.

“We also express our concern for the international students currently caught in Ukraine and hope for their prompt and safe return to their home countries. As we know in Australia, international students are instrumental in generating cross-cultural awareness, strengthening global peace and unity. All students have the right to safety and security and must be supported regardless of jurisdiction.

“As the world’s new normal continues to shift with pandemics, conflicts and natural disasters, we must remain resolute in our unity and support for a peaceful and democratic society.”

Simon Finn (IHEA CEO) is available for further comment on request.

Media Contact: Matthew Coote, IHEA Communications Manager (matthew.coote@ihea.edu.au)

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