IHEA Welcomes Release of Australian Universities Accord Panel Discussion Paper

Independent Higher Education Australia (IHEA) welcomes the release of the Australian Universities Accord Panel Discussion Paper calling for ideas to reshape Australia’s higher education sector.

The Discussion Paper poses a series of questions (49) and seeks input (submissions) on the major challenges and opportunities facing the sector, including:

• Meeting Australia’s knowledge and skills needs.
• Access and opportunity.
• Investment and affordability.
• Governance, accountability, and community.
• The connection between the vocational education and training and higher education systems.
• Quality and sustainability.
• International education.
• Delivering new knowledge, innovation, and capability.

Responses to the Discussion Paper will help inform the Australian Universities Accord Panel’s final report to the Minister for Education. Submissions on the Discussion Paper are open until 11 April 2023.

The release of the Discussion Paper follows yesterday’s meeting of the Universities Accord Ministerial Reference Group, of which IHEA is an active member.

As part of the Universities Accord Ministerial Reference Group, IHEA is working closely with the government, the Universities Accord Panel, representatives from higher education institutions, business, staff, students, and other experts to review Australia's higher education system, and examine themes for sector reform.

“IHEA is representing Australia’s independent higher education sector as a member of Universities Accord Ministerial Reference Group,” said IHEA CEO, Dr Peter Hendy.

“Australia’s diverse independent higher education sector comprises established and stable providers playing an important role in addressing skill needs and delivering quality education to students from a range of backgrounds.”

“The Universities Accord review of higher education is a great opportunity to harness the enormous capability of Australian independent higher education to meet the current and future education and skills needs of the nation."

"IHEA will continue to work closely with Minister Clare and the government, Professor O’Kane and the Accord Panel, and other representatives from higher education and business."

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