IHEA Welcomes the Decision to Grant Limited Self-Accrediting Authority to Kaplan Business School

Independent Higher Education Australia (IHEA) welcomes the news Kaplan Business School is now a limited self-accrediting authority, as authorised by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).

The decision by TEQSA - Australia’s regulator for higher education - enables Kaplan Business School to self-accredit courses of study at levels 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework within all sub-fields of the ‘Management and Commerce’ broad field of education except for Office Studies.

As noted by TEQSA, Kaplan Business School has a successful track record operating as an institute of higher education, with strong corporate and academic governance; well established and robust course design, approval, and review processes; a strong commitment to supporting higher education participation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students; and a strong history of successful student graduate outcomes.

"IHEA is pleased TEQSA has granted limited self-accrediting authority to Kaplan Business School,” said IHEA CEO, Dr Peter Hendy.

“The decision recognises the excellent quality of education, scholarship, corporate and academic governance at Kaplan Business School and illustrates, more broadly, the growing respect and recognition of Australia’s independent higher education sector.”

Kaplan Business School is a highly valued IHEA member.

Comments from Kaplan Business School

Mr Steve Knussen, Executive Director of Kaplan Business School, notes that it is a “significant milestone to be the ninth limited self-accrediting authority among 145 institutes of higher education in Australia. This reflects the achievement of a major goal in our Strategic Plan and the culmination of a project which for several years has prioritised the adoption of policies, systems and processes that have extended beyond the minimum obligations stipulated by the regulator in the Higher Education Standards Framework.”

“Students, agents and employers can derive even greater comfort in the knowledge that graduates of Kaplan Business School have been educated not only by an evidently trusted education provider but also one of the finest as per last month’s findings of the Student Experience Survey commissioned by the federal government which confirmed we are now one of the Top 2 business schools for postgraduate teaching quality, student support and skill development,” concludes Mr Knussen.

Mr Knussen’s comments are echoed by the Vice President, Academic of Kaplan Australia, Professor Tania Aspland, who states that “this further enhances Kaplan Business School’s reputation in the sector as one of Australia’s most trusted independent providers of higher education since we are now similar to universities insofar that we are authorised to selfaccredit a majority of our courses.”

Kaplan Business School Academic Dean and IHEA Board Member, Professor James Adonopoulos, adds “there is no recognition more important than to be trusted by the regulator for our quality assurance and governance practices. We are profoundly grateful for that trust. We are likewise thankful for the contribution of our staff who for years have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of an optimal student experience – one characterised by a truly supportive and nurturing learning environment that enables international students in particular to flourish.”

Kaplan Business School Media Contact: Prof James Adonopoulos, Academic Dean (james.adonopoulos@kbs.edu.au)

IHEA Media Contact: Matthew Coote, IHEA Communications Manager (matthew.coote@ihea.edu.au)

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