IHEA Working Group to Address Australia’s Visa Processing Issues

Visa processing issues are affecting Australia’s higher education sector. Issues range from visa processing delays, rejections for incomplete documents without opportunities for rectification, to inconsistent and vague reasons being provided for visa rejections. These issues are especially evident in perceived ‘high-risk’ markets such as some countries in South Asia and disproportionately affect the independent higher education sector.

IHEA, through its International Network Group, is seeking Government intervention to remediate these visa processing issues. IHEA has already been in contact with relevant Ministers in Government and key stakeholders, and we will be following up with additional materials strengthening our case for immediate actions on behalf of the independent higher education sector. IHEA is also preparing a Position Paper on visa processing issues.

To assist these activities, a visa working group has been formed from the IHEA International Network Group.

IHEA Visa Working Group Members:

• Eve Ollerenshaw – iCollege – IHEA International Network Convenor
• Bobby Abraham – Excelsia – IHEA International Network Convenor
• Marie Chittleborough - Equals
• Alan Manly – Group Colleges Australia
• Lee Kennedy – Davidson - Education Centre Australia
• Carlos Munoz - Group Colleges Australia
• Jon Chew - Navitas

For more information about IHEA’s Visa Working Group, or to discuss visa processing issues, please contact IHEA Policy Director, Michelle Muchatuta at michelle.muchatuta@ihea.edu.au

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