Independent Higher Education Providers Continue to Lead Student Experience Surveys: QILT Results

The release of the latest national Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) student experience surveys confirm independent higher education providers lead the way for a high-quality student experience.

Independent providers are the best as rated by students on key measures

The results of the 2021 QILT Student Experience Survey (August 2022) show independent providers are the best in Australia as rated by students on these key measures:

- Skills Development

- Learner Engagement

- Teacher Quality

- Student Support

- Quality of Entire Educational Experience

In particular, students at independent higher education institutions rate their institutions significantly higher than students at universities on ‘learner engagement’ 57 per cent to 48 per cent and ‘student support’ 79 per cent to 72 per cent.

IHEA member universities are three of the top five universities for quality of educational experience

IHEA member universities also make up three of the top five universities in the country on ‘Quality of entire educational experience for undergraduate university students’. These are:

- Avondale University is rated number 1st

- Bond University is rated 2nd

- University of Divinity is rated 5th

- Torrens University is rated 11th (out of 42 universities)

Annual QILT surveys are the authoritative student evaluation of Australia’s higher education providers. This Commonwealth Government-funded survey is the student voice on quality assessments for the higher education sector.

“IHEA congratulates our members who have achieved recognition. It is fantastic to see IHEA members making up three of the top five universities in the country for educational experience,” said IHEA CEO, Dr Peter Hendy.

“We are also pleased our smaller providers, with their unique focus on student success, are being rated higher by students than those in large institutions with significant public funding and additional resources.”

“The QILT results are a clear vote of confidence from students who choose independent providers to equip them with the knowledge and skills to hit the ground running and get results in the workforce.”

“The QILT results demonstrate why around 170,000 students choose an independent provider to pursue their educational goals and career aspirations.”

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