Sprinter Bree Masters graduated a Bachelor of Communications from Bond University

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Bree Masters is ready to take on the world after finishing her Communications degree at Bond University.

BREE Masters hopes to go from graduating with a Bachelor of Communications to graduating into the Australian team for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

That’s the immediate goal for the former world and national beach sprint champion who has turned her focus from studying to athletics after graduating from Bond University on Thursday.

“I’ve been picturing this moment for a long time and I’m really excited to graduate,” Masters said.

“It’s good to finish the degree and graduate and now I can focus on my sport.

“I will look more into my work career once I have achieved the things I want in sport.

“I’m looking to get into marketing and public relations but first I really want to make the Commonwealth Games this year and World Athletics Championships.

“The ultimate goal is the Paris 2024 Olympics.”

It’s been quite the educational journey for Masters, who had to navigate her sporting commitments, her degree and the pandemic.

“I haven’t been on campus much since June last year,” Masters said.

“A lot of my time was spent away from campus during the end of my degree, but I excelled a bit more in some of my classes which was surprising.

“Being in sport, it worked out well for me, being able to do the classes online when I was away when I was racing.

“I was in surf lifesaving when I started my degree as part of the Bond Elite Sporting Program (BESP).

“I became the national beach sprint champion at the end of my first semester here and that was a long time coming, it was the one I had wanted since I was a kid.

“I soon jumped into athletics and now I am chasing my dream of representing my country at the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and Olympics.

“They are bigger goals, ones I never thought I would have, and I’m really excited to go on that journey to chase those dreams.

“There is a lot of hard work this season but I’m no stranger to hard work. Bond has certainly instilled that in me, so I can deal with the stresses like they mentioned in our ceremony. I’m well equipped.”

The 26-year-old majored in marketing and public relations and believes Bond is the perfect university for athletes as they follow their sport and academic goals. 

“This university is really great for athletes – they give you the support to achieve but also give you the backing for you to do what you want after sport,” she said.

“It was an excellent degree and I had great teachers. There were a few up and downs through the pandemic, but really happy to come away with the degree.

“I have to give a big shoutout to Student Athlete Program Manager Hayley Martin. She is absolutely the best. She does everything she can to ensure you can chase your dreams and also get your classwork done.”

Original article: https://bond.edu.au/news/70573/sprinter-bree-masters-university

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