Vale Professor Denise Bradley AC

Independent Higher Education Australia pays tribute to Professor Denise Bradley AC who sadly passed away on Friday last week.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with her family at this tragic time. Professor Bradley championed a new agenda of quality and equity for Australia’s higher education sector, and created a blueprint for the key higher education reforms of the recent decade.

Her profound vision for Australian higher education providers was given clear voice in the recommendations of the national review of higher education Professor Bradley led in 2008. Professor Bradley identified the need for a focus on quality and equity in Australian higher education, and her efforts stimulated the future development of the sector into the world-class system students enjoy today. 

Professor Bradley’s vision for a high-quality independent higher education sector overseen by a quality focussed regulator led to the successful establishment of TEQSA and the the quality standards that underpin Australia’s world class higher education system today. Professor Bradley’s leadership of the Australia’s higher education sector has enabled thousands of students to achieve their educational, academic and career aspirations through their study at independent higher education institutions. On behalf of these students and institutions, we celebrate Professor Bradley’s life and are grateful for her legacy.

Vale Professor Bradley.

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